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Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney

Serving Douglasville, Carrollton, Smyrna and Metro Atlanta

Howard Law Group is an experienced criminal defense firm with many years of legal experience representing clients in municipal, state and federal court cases. The firm's attorneys include litigators who have worked as both prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers. They understand both sides of the criminal justice system and will aggressively defend your rights and freedom. If you have been charged with misdemeanor, felony or federal crimes, contact a criminal defense attorney at the firm for immediate assistance. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and can provide you qualified representation in any criminal matter, including cases involving DUI and multiple DUI, theft crimes such as burglary, robbery and shoplifting; as well as drug crimes such as possession, distribution, sales and manufacturing. The firm also offers skilled advocacy in cases involving violent crimes, battery, assault, murder, manslaughter, kidnapping and arson, in addition to sex crimes, rape, sexual battery, solicitation, lewd conduct, pandering, indecent exposure and child molestation.

Conducting a successful criminal defense and obtaining the results that you are seeking requires legal knowledge as well as courtroom experience. The firm's skilled trial attorneys will immediately get to work on your case, and utilize their legal know-how to craft a comprehensive and compelling defense. The firm services clients throughout the area, including Douglasville, Carrollton, Smyrna and Metro Atlanta.

Criminal Court Cases

An arrest for a criminal offense can have a dramatic impact on your life and put your future in jeopardy. Serious offenses such as violent crimes can result in years of incarceration in a state prison. You may also be facing a lengthy jail sentence if you are a repeat offender. A guilty verdict in a criminal case can lead to other criminal sanctions as well, such as heavy fines, driver's license suspension, community service, mandatory alcohol or drug treatment and sex offender registration.

Every criminal case is unique and will require a tailored defense when challenging the prosecution's evidence. The outcome of criminal charges will depend on the skills of your attorney and the legal measures taken to avoid a conviction. The lawyers at the firm have successfully tried numerous cases and are known for the dedicated advocacy they provide their clients. They will relentlessly pursue the best possible resolution to your case with highly focused and unwavering determination.

Contact a criminal defense lawyer serving Douglasville, Carrollton, Smyrna and Metro Atlanta for qualified legal counsel and a skilled defense if you have been charged with committing a crime.

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