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Atlanta and West Georgia Drug Crime Lawyer

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Due to the fact that law enforcement officials, at both the state and federal levels, are working tirelessly to see that anyone arrested or charged with a drug crime is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, you are advised to contact a Dallas, GA criminal defense attorney from the firm as soon as you learn that you are under investigation for drug crimes.Often times law enforcement officers exceed the scope of the law when conducting searches and judges will uphold the fourth amendment when the proper motion is filed in the court. A qualified criminal defense attorney in Paulding County will know how to file the appropriate motions to keep your freedom.

Why Choose This Drug Crime Lawyer?

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  • Extremely high winning percentage on cases taken to bench or jury trial.
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The firm will be able to help you protect your rights by reviewing your case, evaluating the charges against you, challenging any illegal search and seizures, determining whether the arresting officer had probable cause to search you, your vehicle, or your home, if consent was given and more. The firm will then use this information to request certain evidence be suppressed as part of building you an aggressive, hard-hitting criminal defense case. Not all drug crime arrests are done in a proper and legal manner. A knowledgeable attorney, well-versed in drug crime law will be able to fight such charges and arrests and in some instances, get them dismissed in their entirety.

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Types of Drug Crimes

Some of the most common types of drug crimes are possession, intent to sell, sales, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, trafficking, DUI drugs, and prescription fraud. On their own drug crime convictions primarily consist of prison time, fines, driver's license suspensions, probation, community service and a mark on your permanent criminal record. In many instances though, drug crimes are associated with other crimes such as theft crimes, sex crimes and other more violent crimes. Individuals who commit drug crimes in connection with other crimes can expect to face much harsher penalties and fines. It extremely important to take drug charges seriously as a drug charge conviction will severely impact your life, your family, your career, and your future.

Drug Crime Attorney Serving Atlanta and West Georgia

Howard Law Group has many years' experience successfully representing clients in all manner of drug crime and other criminal defense cases. The firm prides itself on being responsive to their clients and always being prepared to fight aggressively in the courtroom, on their behalf. They have earned a reputation as a hard-hitting firm dedicated to protecting the interests and rights of their clients.

If you are facing drug crimes charges, contact a Dallas, GA drug crime lawyer from the firm immediately so that they can review your case and begin building your defense.

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