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Dallas, GA. Distribution Lawyer

Arrested for Drug Distribution in Dallas, GA?

While all drug crimes are considered serious, some carry more substantial consequences than others. Possession, for example, can be applied to individuals who have less than one ounce of marijuana, and is a misdemeanor that may result in up to one year in jail. Manufacturing, sales or distribution does not have as much flexibility as possession because of the implied depth-of-involvement in the drug trade. Those who are found guilty of distribution can expect the full weight of the law and legal system and should speak with a Dallas, GA criminal defense attorney who is not afraid to stand up to these charges.

The penalties for distribution depend heavily on factors including the particular schedule the illegal drug is classified in, and the quantity of drugs involved. Other key involvements also come into play, such as prior conviction or the location of the crime in proximity to schools or parks. A first-time offense can leave defendants facing anywhere from 5 to 30 years in prison, with 2-time offenders in danger of suffering through 10 to 40 years behind bars with the potential for life in prison for Schedule I and II drugs. The outcome of the case will depend largely on the evidence that has been gathered, the focus of the prosecution and the skill of the defense attorney.

Dallas, Georgia Distribution Attorney Serving West Georgia

Drug distribution is a serious offense and thus it requires serious attention. Howard Law Group has many years of experience representing the interests of criminal defendants from all walks of life. Whether facing charges for theft crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes or others, the skilled staff at Howard Law Group has what it takes to craft your case and execute your strategy to its' end. Their reputable attorneys are adept at reacting quickly to the needs of their clients, and can shift strategies to put accused offenders in the very best position to defend themselves against any charges. The firm has achieved an impressive measure of success because they are confident in the skills that have allowed them to keep clients out of prison or with minimized sentences wherever possible, even if it means an aggressive court fight.

Accused of drug distribution? Contact a Dallas, GA drug distribution lawyer for a criminal defense best suited to your case.

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