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Dallas, GA. Manufacturing Lawyer

Methamphetamines and Manufacturing Charges

There are few charges more severe in the criminal code than those related to drug crimes. Convictions related to distribution, sales, manufacturing and even possession of marijuana can translate to years, decades and even life behind bars. Those who do find freedom after serving time often find it very challenging to become productive members of society due to employment, social relationships and a whole range of other issues. Standing up in the face of these charges is a necessity for many who have been arrested for manufacturing and other drug crimes, and a successful defense is attainable with the right Dallas, GA criminal defense lawyer.

Although drug manufacturing is a serious crime, the charge alone does not determine whether a defendant will be found guilty. For example, law enforcement is sometimes over-zealous in their arrest and investigation of drug crimes, which may lead to errors in the collection of evidence. This type of mistake can result in evidence being deemed inadmissible, which could render a case impossible for the prosecution to move forward with. Errors do not accompany every case, however, which is why a sound defense strategy should be robust enough to establish doubt as to the crime or the culprit in virtually any circumstance. Details are critical when proving and denying evidence, and so a successful defense should be prepared to effectively cast sufficient doubt in terms of the legitimacy of the charge.

Drug Manufacturing Attorney for Metro Atlanta and West Georgia

Howard Law Group is an established criminal defense law firm that has many years of experience helping individuals who have been accused of a crime to defend themselves. The firms' attorneys have proudly achieved favorable results in all of the areas we serve, and have worked to keep clients facing minimized sentences or not guilty verdicts concerning violent crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes, federal crimes and others. Whether you are facing charges for simple possession, need legal advice on a domestic violence matter or want to begin building your defense for a more complex issue, Howard Law Group can help.

Contact a Dallas, GA drug manufacturing attorney if you have been arrested for manufacturing illegal drugs and need a strong lawyer to represent you.

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