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Dallas, GA. Possession Attorney

Drug Possession Charges and Penalties in Metro Atlanta

Drug possession is a commonly-charged drug crime imposed by law enforcement agencies across Georgia and throughout the nation. Classified as a non-violent crime, the consequences of drug possession charges and conviction vary according to the amount of drug found to be in possession as well as the type of illicit substance involved, and which specific schedule the drug belongs to. For example, possession of a Schedule III drug like ketamine or a Schedule IV drug like clonazepam may result in a prison term up to 5 years if a defendant is found guilty. In contrast, someone in possession of a Schedule I drug like heroin, LSD or ecstasy can face up to 15 years in prison on the first offense. Possession may also be one of multiple charges including distribution, manufacturing, sales and others.

Georgia differs from other states in its definition of possession which may account for a greater risk of arrest. Similarly to other states, an individual may be charged with actual possession which implies that the drugs are in direct possession, meaning they are either on the individual or within their immediate sphere of control. Constructive possession requires that same control, but the drug need not be within immediate access. Constructive possession can be charged to those who are not in close proximity to the drugs they are controlling. Hire an experienced and driven Dallas, GA criminal defense attorney with Howard Law Group for a strong defense in the face of drug possession charges.

Dallas, GA Drug Possession Lawyer Serving Atlanta and West Georgia

Howard Law Group is a criminal defense law firm that focuses on providing the best service to their clients. The firm's attorneys have a rich history of working closely with clients, and respond to client needs with the quickness and efficiency that only a true professional can provide. A strong point of pride lies in their ability to gather all available evidence to craft cases that are designed to get results in the court room. With many years of experience representing clients throughout Atlanta and West Georgia, Howard Law Group has established itself as a premiere criminal defense firm that can find success against virtually any drug crime charge, helping clients to avoid maximum jail sentences and even achieve not guilty verdicts where possible.

Contact a Dallas, Georgia possession defense attorney if you have been charged with the possession of an illegal substance.

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