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Dallas, GA. Drug Sales Attorney

Defense against Drug Sale Charges in Dallas, GA

In Georgia, drug sales and distribution are very similar. This is the case because the sale of drugs often involves their distribution, transportation. In some cases, individuals may be charged with cultivation or manufacturing, distribution or transportation and sales based on one arrest. Many individuals who are found to be in possession of certain threshold amounts of drugs may also be charged with intent to sell, and the inclusion of these additional charges can translate to real problems for the accused. A skilled Dallas, Georgia criminal defense attorney with experience in drug sale defense can be a great benefit, no matter the level severity in your charges.

Drug sale penalties can be extremely serious at conviction, if the official quantity and Schedule of the drugs involved meet the right threshold. Convicted offenders can spend as much as 10 years in prison on a first offense involving Schedule III, IV or V drugs while the involvement of Schedule I and II drugs may warrant sentences up to 40 years, or even life. Law enforcement believes that it is crucial to attack the drug trade in all areas, but the point of sale is critical. Prosecutors are known to be relentless in their pursuit of drug crime convictions, which is exactly why the assistance of a well-versed and practiced lawyer can be the difference between freedom and a life-changing conviction.

Drug Sale Defense Lawyer for West Georgia

One of the biggest keys to beating criminal drug sale charges is to have an experienced attorney at your side that has been successful in similar defenses. The reputable Howard Law Group has brought many criminal cases to favorable results. The firm focuses on building comprehensive defense strategies that have been proven to work in similar cases, but their attorneys are also prepared to react to the dynamic, changing circumstances in a trial that can throw off lesser-skilled criminal defense lawyers at other firms. Through hard work, organization and a fine-tuned execution of your defense, Howard Law Group can help to bring the most favorable result to your case in terms of minimized charges, penalties and even not guilty verdicts, if possible.

If you have been arrested for the sale of illegal drugs, contact a Dallas, GA drug sale lawyer who will work in your defense to minimize or eliminate the charges.

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