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Arson Attorney in Dallas, GA.

Charged with Arson in Metro Atlanta?

Arson may be charged as a federal crime when it occurs within special maritime or territorial jurisdiction of the United States. This jurisdiction can grow to be quite expansive, encompassing structures, vessels, machinery, supplies and more owned by the federal government, or even private vessels and aircraft that are registered in the United States. Federal crimes trump state law as well in cases of arson, which means that an individual charged with arson will undergo a somewhat different federal criminal process. It takes a Dallas, Georgia criminal defense attorney who specializes in federal crimes to provide an effective defense, and a less experienced or non-specialized legal professional may make critical errors due to a lack of familiarity with the process or federal environment.

While it may go without saying that a successful arson within the United States' special maritime or territorial jurisdiction would be met with a federal charge, it is also true that the mere attempt or planning of such a crime can also result in charges. Convicted offenders may face up to 25 years in prison, although a term of any years to life may become an option in the event that the building is a place of dwelling, or if a person is killed as a result of the arson. This could also result in associated charges related to manslaughter, burglary and others. These penalties are significantly more extreme than their state counterparts, and they should be underestimated under no circumstances.

Arson Lawyer Serving Metro Atlanta & West Georgia

Arson is a serious crime, and should be treated as such if there is any hope of providing a successful criminal defense. Howard Law Group has experience representing clients across West Georgia and the Metro Atlanta area against federal arson charges. Their attorneys have found the best results possible for their clients by establishing solid defense strategies that are equipped to stand up against the most relentless prosecution. The firm responds quickly and succinctly to the needs of their clients, and that flexibility has led to instrumental changes in improving the ways in which they can achieve success. Federal arson charges may be intimidating to say the least. They are not impossible to beat, however, and Howard Law Group can work toward those best-possible court conclusions.

Contact a Dallas, GA arson lawyer if you have been charged with the crime of arson and need a strong defense to protect you from excessive penalty.

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