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Dallas, GA. Indecent Exposure Lawyer

Are you accused of indecent exposure in Metro Atlanta?

Indecent exposure is a common charge imposed by law enforcement officials throughout Georgia. There are a variety of requirements for this type of sex crime such as engaging in sexual intercourse or other sexual acts in public. Nudity or exposing one's sexual organs is also grounds for a charge, as is the act of inappropriately touching another persons' body. While the definitions laid out in Georgia State law are very clear about what constitutes indecent exposure, there is no question that this type of charge can be confronted in court and defended to success.

A skilled Dallas, Georgia criminal defense attorney may be able to provide the representation necessary to achieve victory in the face of indecent exposure charges. As a misdemeanor, conviction can mean up to one year in jail for offenders with hefty financial penalties as well. Felony charges are applied on third or subsequent convictions, and these convictions typically yield between one and 5 years in prison. These types of consequences can directly translate to disaster for the accused, which is why it is critical to make sure that you are being represented by an attorney who is dedicated to your best interest.

Dallas Indecent Exposure Defense Attorney Serving West Georgia

Howard Law Group has an impressive record of success in defending clients from the harsh consequences of convictions for a wide variety of sex crimes including prostitution and solicitation, child molestation, indecent exposure and even rape. The firm's attorneys strongly believe in the right of every individual who has been accused of a crime to seek the best possible defense, and they have a proven track record of providing the type of defense that gets results. Through diligent research and close working relationships with clients, the firms' attorneys are able to develop sound defense strategies that target areas where the prosecutions' case may be weak. Howard Law Group has served clients throughout Douglasville, Smyrna and across Western Georgia by working hard to achieve minimized penalties and charges, and even fighting for not guilty verdicts wherever possible.

Contact a Dallas, GA indecent exposure attorney with Howard Law Group for top-level criminal defense representation.

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