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Dallas, GA. Lewd Conduct Lawyer

Lewd Conduct: A Serious Legal Problem

There are a wide variety of scenarios in which a lewd conduct charge may be applied to an individual under arrest. In short, any unlawful act intended to stimulate the violator or anyone else in a sexual way may be charged as lewd conduct. The specific acts within this type of sex crime can vary greatly and by definition may include something as serious as intentionally exposing oneself to a minor in association with child molestation and sexual battery, or other more socially acceptable forms such as flashing at a concert. It can be difficult to determine the potential consequences of a lewd conduct charge without the help of a skilled Dallas, GA criminal defense lawyer.

Individuals who are convicted on lewd conduct charges traditionally face jail time between one and 5 years with probation and financial penalties at a maximum of $1,000. The severity of one's sentence will depend on a variety of factors including the age of the victim, the setting or environment where the violation was committed, and whether any other illegal acts were also taking place among others. Consequences may become extreme very quickly when lewd conduct charges involve children, and multiple charges can make matters even more difficult.

Dallas, GA Lewd Conduct Defense Attorney Serving Metro Atlanta

Howard Law Group is a superior-service criminal defense firm that has proudly served clients throughout Dallas, Metro Atlanta, Douglasville, Smyrna, Carrollton and throughout West Georgia for years. Our attorneys share many years of experience in working to advocate the rights of defendants in a variety of drug crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes and even violent crimes. A strong dedication to their clients coupled with an unbreakable desire to win result in intelligently developed defense strategies that are adept at pinpointing the prosecutions' weak points and capitalizing on them. While no guarantee can be made by any legal professional regarding a case, clients have routinely been satisfied with minimized charges, downgraded penalties and not guilty verdicts if the opportunity is present.

Contact a Dallas, GA lewd conduct attorney if you have been charged with lewd conduct and want professional representation.

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