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Dallas, GA. Pandering Attorney

Georgia Pandering Laws and Penalties

Similar to solicitation, the criminal offense of pandering involves the solicitation of prostitution to another person. Pandering may also be charged when an individual knowingly places individuals at a specified location to be open for solicitation. Pandering does not require an actual exchange of money or the performance of the act of prostitution; it only requires that solicitation take place. This is an area of criminal law that may be difficult for law enforcement to manage because it can rely heavily on eyewitness testimony. The most concrete pandering charges result from sting operations that essentially open the door for the commission of the crime, but these operations are sometimes fraught with their own challenges in terms of legal evidence collection, rights violations and more.

Pandering charges are generally misdemeanors and yield jail sentences up to one year as well as fines at a maximum of $1,000. If the target of solicitation is under the age of 17, however, then the charge may be upgraded to a felony which could result in prison sentences of up to 5 years with fines between $1,000 and $5,000. Pandering by compulsion is a similar charge that occurs when an individual solicits another for prostitution by means of force. This type of conviction may yield prison terms up to 10 years. Due to the severity of these penalties, it is critical to discuss your case with a Dallas, GA criminal defense attorney who can help.

Pandering Lawyer Representing Metro Atlanta and West Georgia

Although pandering is a serious sex crime that has some very harsh penalties, this does not mean that an accused defendant cannot beat the charges levied against them. The accomplished attorneys at Howard Law Group understand how to develop thorough criminal defense strategies that may greatly increase a defendants chances of having their charges downgraded, dismissed or their penalties minimized. The firm has a strong record of pursuing not guilty verdicts if the opportunity is viable, and they take an aggressive approach when the possibility does arise. Serving Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas like Douglasville, Carrollton and Smyrna, Howard Law Group relies on their numerous years of experience protecting the rights of clients and helping them to move forward from the criminal charges they face.

Contact a Dallas, GA pandering lawyer if you have been arrested for pandering and need a lawyer with experience who can help you face your charges.

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