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Atlanta Violent Crime Attorney

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Anyone accused of a violent crime faces extremely tough judgment from virtually every corner of society. As a result, accused offenders found guilty of committing violent crimes often find themselves up against the most proficient prosecutors, the most experienced investigators, and hand-picked juries. Get the Howard Law Group on your side to give you the edge you need in your defense.

Why Choose This Violent Crime Lawyer?

  • Former prosecutor – insightful defense
  • Awarded Avvo Clients' Choice in 2014
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It is not often easy to execute a winning defense in a violent crime case, but the possibility greatly increases with the enlistment of a skilled Dallas, GA criminal defense attorney. Call (678) 922-9743 or use the online form to request your free consultation right now.

Defense for Assault, Battery, Murder & Other Violent Crimes

Howard Law Group is a reputable criminal defense firm that focuses on advocating for the rights of the accused, providing a fair and capable defense. The firm specializes in many areas of criminal law including drug crimes, sex crimes, federal crimes and others. In the area of violent crimes, they are well-prepared to defend you against a range of criminal charges.

Below are just some of the areas of defense this Dallas, GA firm is known for:

Atlanta Violent Crime Defense Lawyer Serving West Georgia

The attorney at Howard Law Group has many years of experience when it comes to defending those who have been accused of violent crimes ranging from assault and battery to manslaughter, and even murder. The firm's formula for success is a credit to their discipline and determination to find effective criminal defense solutions and execute those strategies in a way that compels the court to rule favorably. Over the years, clients from Douglasville, Carrollton, Smyrna, and the Metro Atlanta area have chosen Howard Law Group as their source for superior criminal defense against violent crimes.

If you have been charged with the commission of a violent crime, contact a Dallas, Georgia violent crime defense lawyer who can help.

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