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Atlanta Assault Defense Attorney

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Assault and battery are two violent crimes that are often charged in association with one another, usually in cases of conflict like domestic violence or fights that unfold in different scenarios. Assault charges diverge from battery charges by focusing on the attempt to inflict harm rather than the harm itself. It is very difficult to charge battery without charging assault, but the act of a solo assault charge is traditionally much less complicated because it does not always require actual physical harm. Talk to a Dallas, Georgia criminal defense lawyer about the specifics of your case in order to determine the best strategy moving forward.

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There are two different assault charges that may be imposed by law enforcement at the time of arrest. The first is simple assault, and can be committed simply when a person attempts to cause a violent injury to another, or takes action that causes another person to be in immediate danger of violent injury. This is a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to one year in jail. Aggravated assault is more serious, however, and may be charged when the offender uses a deadly weapon that is likely to cause serious bodily injury, or when the attacker has motivations pertaining to murder, rape, or robbery. Aggravated assault convictions may yield up to 20 years in prison.

Assault Lawyer Serving West Georgia and Metro Atlanta

Assault charges can be difficult to defend against and prosecute. Eye-witness testimony can play an instrumental role in proving guilt if there were witnesses to the assault or the attempt. Assault is a challenge for the prosecution when it does not include evidence of physical harm, however, and this can be a real advantage for defendants.

At Howard Law Group, no assault case is too challenging, nor should any charge be underestimated. At this firm, the attorney's approach to every case is to treat it as though he were facing the charges himself. He aggressively pursues minimized penalties or not guilty verdicts, if the evidence suggests it is a possibility. No criminal defense firm can guarantee that your case will be brought to a successful conclusion, but there is no question that Howard Law Group will do everything in their power to put your defense in the best position for a positive result.

Contact a Dallas, GA assault attorney if you have been charged with assaulting another person and want to discuss your options for legal defense.

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