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Atlanta Murder Defense Lawyer

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In Georgia, a person may be convicted of murder if proven to have committed the act intentionally or in cases where a person is killed during the commission of a felony. Murder convictions carry life sentences with and without parole, and Georgia also allows the death penalty where appropriate. At Howard Law Group, we offer the tireless, aggressive legal defense that you urgently need.

Why Choose This Murder Defense Attorney?

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  • 2014 Avvo Client's Choice Award recipient
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When you have everything on the line, your liberty, your entire future, and even your life, you need to know that you working with a skilled, determined legal advocacy. You can rely on the murder defense attorney at this firm. Call (678) 922-9743 or use our online form to discuss your defense strategy.

Are There Any Viable Murder Defenses?

It is easy for an accused individual to believe they have no hope in the face of murder charges, but this is a common misconception. In fact, there may be many viable murder defenses that can be presented by a skilled Dallas, GA criminal defense attorney. It's important to remember that in order for a murder charge to result in conviction, the prosecution must prove that the murder was committed by the accused and that it was committed with intent.

This can be very challenging depending on the circumstances, and while many murder trials do result in conviction, this does not mean that a superior attorney could have brought the case to a different result with a better and more effective criminal defense strategy.

Murder Defense Attorney for the Metro Atlanta Region

Howard Law Group is an accomplished criminal defense law firm that proudly serves Metro Atlanta including Douglasville, Carrollton, Smyrna, and everywhere in between. With many years of experience, their attorney is well-versed in developing comprehensive defense strategies that have one goal in mind: minimize or eliminate penalties and charges.

Clients throughout West Georgia owe their freedom in large part to the hard work the firm puts in on each and every case concerning violent crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, and many others. Everyone has the right not only to a fair trial, but to one conducted by an accomplished attorney. The legal professionals at Howard Law Group are eager to help.

Contact a Dallas, Georgia murder defense lawyer to protect yourself and your freedom.

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