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Mr. Howard won a jury trial where I was facing 25 years and I am very appreciative of the work he did for me.



I am a truck driver and had to save my CDL license. Mr. Howard did a wonderful job and still driving today because of the work he did in my case! AT

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Douglas County

I had a serious drug traficking charge on I 20 and the District attorney wanted 30 yrs. to serve and they got the case dismissed. I owe my life to Bryan Howard. - J.S.

Thank you Mr. Howard

I wanted to write this review so that everyone knows what great lawyer Mr. Howard is and an even better person in my opinion. He fought hard for my case and always returned my calls. I'm glad he was my attorney on a very difficult case. I told him I wanted to write a good review after the job he did for me. - J.S.

Excellent Attorneys

They were very professional and saved me from spending my next five years in jail. I would recommend them to anybody. - W.T.

Awesome Job

I came in with a very difficult case and Mr. Howard always returned my calls. He was always nice and courteous to me but in the courtroom he fought for me like a bulldog. I would recommend Mr. Howard to anyone who has a serious case. - J.Z.

Won't Hire Anyone Else

I had a complex criminal case and I was facing a lot of time. Mr. Howard has handled a great number of cases and it showed with the way he handled mine. He put me at ease, assured me I was going to be alright and then he went to work. He had the case dismissed in two weeks. He was absolutely amazing. - Terry

Amazing Attorney

Mr. Howard took my case at a reduced retainer because he is committed to defending the rights of the oppressed citizens of Douglas County, Carroll County and Paulding County. If you are arrested in any of those counties you want a firm like The Howard Law Group to make sure you do not go to prison unjustly. The DUI Lawyer Bryan Howard is the best Attorney in the State of Georgia.


Great Lawyer!!!

Bryan Howard did a great job representing me in my criminal case. He won the jury trial that lasted over a week where I was facing 25 years to serve.

Bryan Howard and Christina champagne did a wonderful job representing me on my DUI case. I have my freedom and my license because the work they did on my case. JH

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